Win or…

Dimitri Fedotov
2 min readMay 17, 2021


Competition is the essence of life. Watch Nature — predators and prey are ever in motion (unless they are in hiding and waiting, asleep or …dead), which are often just the roles various representatives of various species assume and act out, in an eternal theater of birth and death, violence and escape, nurture and decay.

Speed matters. Being fast is good, but it might not be enough: fast and strong is better. Much muscle weighs a lot and it may slow one down, so a balance is to be reached to keep one optimally strong while being fast enough.

It also pays to be able to adapt to one’s environment — in order to ‘disappear ‘ as a chameleon or to remain hidden as lynx, while patiently waiting for dinner.

Humans are complex species: in addition to muscles, teeth and bones, they have cell phones, neon and traffic lights, stocks and bonds, university diplomas and even crypto currency. They live in a world full of different languages, signals, seemingly endless notifications and tech upgrades.

It gets really confusing out there. It is tough to set goals and to orient in such rapidly changing humanverse — the moment one adapts is suddenly the moment one fell behind. Please, do not lose your love for life, yourself and others. Or — do, and become a fraction in sad statistic of broken dreams and lives. It is not easy. And — something tells me — it might get harder, at least with one’s age. But… the now and the future belong to those who want it. It belongs to those who love.