Personality disorder? Part 2

Dimitri Fedotov
1 min readMar 30, 2021


(Part 1 can be found here

Why does a “disorder” always translate into a harmful and often negative social behavior? Why — if at the root of the problem is “personality disorder” — wouldn’t a person act out in a completely positive and artistic, albeit eccentric, way? At least half of the time? Maybe? What are the chances that a “disorder” — a deviation from a norm — would ONLY express itself in base, repulsive, inappropriate and sometimes even deadly conduct?

Wouldn’t it be great if in an evolutionary karmic way any unprovoked insult and injury would be (at least) balanced by as many random and unprovoked positive, fun, gracious and generous acts towards utter strangers?

Couldn’t a person suddenly snap and become a ‘mass singer’ of beautiful serenades to unsuspecting innocent strangers at a park or a mall? Or — develop ‘road joy’ deviation by being really smiley, generous and truly respectful towards other drivers in an awkward morning traffic? Or maybe one could really ‘go off’: instead of displaying a fit of aggressive and uncontrollable kleptomania — consistently and secretively slide twenty dollar bills into coworkers bags and desk drawers?

What do you think?